Wheel Chair Repair Services

Azalea Health Care is Here To Help

Your home medical equipment is integral to your independence and well-being, and it’s a big problem if it’s not working properly. We understand that finding a resource that you can trust for repairs and service is important to you, so we help ease your mind.

We Provide Services For The Following

Wheelchair Carriers
Wheelchair lifts
Hand Controls
Portable and Attached Wheelchair ramps
Power wheelchair motor rebuilding
Joystick repair
Power Wheelchair electrical repairs & Wiring
Battery replacements
Body repair
Lift Repair – Braun , Harmar, Pride, Ricon

How to Care For your Power Wheelchair

  1. Keep all electronic components clean and free of moisture and dust build up
  2. Avoid having any exposed bare wires from insulation
  3. Never allow items on chair to drag or become tangled in wheels
  4. Keep all hardware nice and tight to prevent early wear or breakage
  5. Keep batteries charged regularly

5 Signs that Your Power Chair Might Need a Tune Up

  1. Slow Moving
  2. Popping and creaking of moving components
  3. Battery is not holding a good charge
  4. Undesired performance from joystick
  5. Error codes on controller